Brow Shaping

*Online booking for new clients opens every Tuesday at noon for the upcoming week (Wednesday to Saturday) if there are openings available.*

My brow wax service (Brow Shaping) includes face mapping to show you where your brow lines should be, wax, trim, tweeze, and finished with a highlight and fill with a brow pencil if needed. Each brow appointment can last up to 30 minutes because I believe brows shouldn't be a "quick service". $20

Brow Tint can be added to your Brow Shaping appointment. Brow tint is temporary colour that is applied to the brows to darken and define. This can last three+ weeks.
Tint only $18

Shaping with tint $33
Man Brow $18

My Brow Rehab program is for people who wish to grow out their brows or for people who's lines need to be adjusted. We work together to grow the brows and get them in a shape that works for their natural brow. I encourage my clients to not touch their brows for a minimum of 2-3 weeks before seeing me. This way I have some regrowth to work with and can get an idea of how their brows grow. The client then visits me every few weeks for their brow appointment so I can work with their new growth, and adjust their lines. I ask all of my clients, especially brow rehab clients, to NOT touch their brows at home. This way I can have a better understanding of the hair growth pattern.

The completion of brow rehab to get the desired shape depends on how fast your hair grows.

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